AVL Hoppers started as a passion project among four friends driven by a shared mission of building an inclusive community dedicated to athletic development. The goal was to create something with the potential to be a catalyst for positive change in WNC. AVL Hoppers is now a recognized 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and is one of the fastest-growing adult volleyball leagues in Asheville. It is the only adult sports league dedicated to promoting community inclusion and social responsibility through high-level competitive play. 

ALV Hoppers hosts three seasons of coed, grass-doubles volleyball (spring, summer, and fall) where division winners donate their cash prizes to their local charity of choice. Our unique approach harnesses friendship and competitive drive and channels it into a larger sense of purpose for social good—what we like to call Playing it Forward!  We also host free youth clinics for boys and girls that run alongside our adult leagues and a variety of year-round tournaments and mini-tournaments.  Come play with us and be a part of our passionate community working together to support each other on and off the court! 


Our purpose is to create an intentional space where our love for volleyball inspires change and leaves a lasting impact on everyone involved — from our players and fans to our sponsors and community.


Our mission is to grow the local volleyball community by ensuring a high level of competitive play in an inclusive environment — empowering athletes to improve their volleyball skills and knowledge. 

The challenge is not for everyone, but everyone is welcome to take on the challenge.


Our vision is to become an example of excellence and inclusivity in our community and city. We want to inspire everyone who plays with us to challenge themselves while discovering their full potential — recognizing their abilities and strengths as athletes and community members.